What does Mindful Bakes offer?

This is the post excerpt.

I hope this post makes you want to read on and learn more about me and why I set up mindful Bakes a year ago.


I am absolutely passionate about working with children; teaching them new skills and educating them to eat healthfully, be mindful of what they are putting in their bodies and also where their food has come from.  I want children to be mindful of how they feel when they’re baking, they’re not focusing on the latest television programme or tapping away on mobile phones or playstations. Baking requires your full concentration and effort so there is not much room for anything else. All the anxiety and distracting thoughts have to be put aside whilst you create your masterpiece. It also doesn’t need to be a masterpiece at all, cooking is subjective so there is no right or wrong, it is a learning process and if at first you don’t succeed you try, try again!


I am also passionate about being creative and artistic and I think that can be incorporated into cooking. I am not great at icing cakes and I do not place a huge emphasis on the final look of a product not the taste but i think it’s the process that went into creating that bake that is important. How did it make you feel? Did you enjoy it? What was challenging? What could you have done differently?


so I set up my cookery school in February 2017 and invited children of all ages through my front door to bake with me, creating both sweet and savoury bakes. I ran 4 sessions a day at 75 minutes each from 10am till 4pm and we were pretty fully booked every half term. During term time i would invite ore school children through my doors and offer the same sessions.


This summer I am offering something a little different that I hope will work. Each session will include a chefs hat, recipe card, use of an apron and unlimited soft drinks. All sessions apart from the 75-minute sessions will include a hot meal. Breakfast club which includes breakfast from 9:30-10:45am. Lunch club is 11:30-14:30 and afternoon tea club from 14:00-16:30 I am also running my popular 75-minute sessions. New for this year are my mindful bakes meets mindful arts sessions-bake in the morning then do art in the afternoon! This is an all day sessions from 10-16:00 and includes a hot lunch. Tuition is from Steve Pierce-Smith, a reputable artist living in Devizes. i have chosen four locations accross Wiltshire; Devizes, Collingbourne Kingston, Collingbourne Ducis and Grafton


A holiday with a difference

I don;t want this blog to simply be about my baking business. I also want to blog about my house improvements and my walks with my dog and my fitness journey. Travel and adventure is also high on the agenda as every family years for a family holiday. I have been musing over an idea for some time and am hoping I can put my plan into action this year! In January I like to fill up the diary with lots of things to look forward to; meeting old friends and staying over.

We like to use my husbands bonus on march to book a holiday. In the past we have been to the south of France, to the alps in the summer an winter skiing and every year without fail we go on holiday with my family (Mum, dad and elderly Grandma) to Dorset or Cornwall. Grandmas mobility not to mention tolerance levels are somewhat limited these days so we need to think outside the box which got m thinking of long weekends instead of a whole week having to put up with small talk and each others bad habits.

How about instead of spending all our money on one single week in the summer we spread it out and go away for say, 6 weekends to different parts of the UK that we have never explored?

What are the advantages?

  • no plane travel, taxes and early starts
  • avoiding the pricey school holidays as we could start in april and continue to august
  • better budgeting as we could stay with friends and relatives or in hostels
  • we could challenge ourselves to stick to a budget and if we have cash leftover then treat ourselves to a luxury hotel perhaps?
  • we could invite friends and family to join us
  • we could blog about our travels and maybe get some freebies in return for advertising
  • it could be a baking / travelling blog looking at the different local cuisine each county has to offer. Addtionally, it would be interesting to blog about travelling in the UK with small children.
  • We could explore different types of accommodation e.g. glamping, shepherds huts and camping and really think outside of the box

Where could we go?

  • Edinburgh
  • Brighton
  • Lake District
  • Cotswolds
  • Oxford
  • Nottingham
  • Yorkshire
  • Cornwall
  • Norfolk
  • Windsor
  • Cardiff

Watch this space for updates!

Happy New Year!



After a restful Christmas break with not a lot of baking I’ve been doing some reflecting. I’m proud of Mindful Bakes! We’ve only been running 17 months but this past year we’ve been busy…
1) We set up an after school club
2) we successfully sold Christmas gifts and produce via Mindful Crafts, our sister company
3) We continued to host children’s birthday parties
4) we raised £107 for ‘heads together’
5) we went to people’s houses to bake #mindfulbakescomestoyou
6) we forage for wild produce and collected people’s unwanted fruit and veg and made our Apple juice again
7) we welcomed lots of new faces to the mindful bakes cookery school
8) we raised £25 for our local schools pta by making and selling ‘Christmas cookies’
9) we went into local primary schools to bake
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Mindful Bakes Cookery School this February Half-Term

BOOK now to avoid disappointment. We are open from Monday the 18th to to Friday the 22nd February.

We are offering our usual sessions:

Lunch club-11:30-13:30 £15 to inc.  hot lunch

13:45-15:00 £9

Afternoon tea club-15:15-17:15 £15 to inc. afternoon tea

Whats on the lunch menu?

  • Tuna melt pizza baguettes
  • Chicken fajitas
  • Cauli cheese macaroni
  • Swedish meatballs
  • Turkey burgers with guacamole

All meals can be changed to be vegan, gluten free or lactose free, just ask! Or if you don’t fancy anything on our menu tell us!

Afternoon tea will comprise of sandwiches, scones, cookies, hummus and crudites etc

What are we cooking?

Spring rolls and fortune cookies for Chinese New Year. Cupids crunch valentines popcorn, valentines cookies and valentines cookies.

Book on our Facebook page, email or call us!



Heads Together Bake Sale

‘Where there is cake there is hope.’ The depressed cake shop based in Las Vegas introduced the ‘grey cake’ movement. Grey cakes symbolise the world of someone who is affected my mental health problems, where the dog of anxiety and depression can feel overwhelming, colouring their experience of life.

As part of World Mental Health day I held a bake sale in our local village hall after school to raise money for the Royals charity, Heads Together. This wonderful charity raises awareness of mental health issues and support children and young people, teaching them that it’s ‘okay not to be okay’. As you can see from the photos all the bakes were grey to symbolise the struggle people have with depression. I am so proud to say that i raised a whopping £107 in an hour! Last year we raised £380 for the charity Mind and i hope to raise money for mental health charities every year. Mindful Bakes is very dedicated to supporting children to maintain a healthy attitude towards metal health and be mindful of how they feel on an everyday basis. I personally found baking to be my saviour after a bout of depression and anxiety and it continues to be a great therapeutic tool for me.

October Half-Term Fun

Happy Autumn! Half term is just around the corner and we have lots of enquiries so thought we had better get our skates on! Mindful Bakes Cookery School will be open from Thursday the 25th October till Friday the 2nd November. We will be offering the popular 75-minute sessions for £9 as well as the longer sessions, which include a hot lunch or afternoon tea for £15 per child. Please book as soon as you can as we only have space for four children per session. ALL sessions will be at Mindful Bakes headquarters in Collingbourne Ducis. On Wednesday the 31st we will be hosting a Halloween party with games and afternoon tea from 15:15-17:15 for £7.50 per child.


11:30-13:30 £15 to include a hot lunch

13:45-15:00 £9

15:15-17:15 £15 to include afternoon tea

If you require any afternoon sessions let me know as we are more than happy to accommodate people’s needs.

We want your unwanted fruit and veggies!

Here at Mindful bakes we understand the importance of teaching children where their food comes from and the importance of not wasting produce. We hate to see unwanted and unused fruit and veg which is why we are om a  mission to collect anything you don’t think you will eat! We will use it in the cookery school and send it to myapplejuice to turn into delicious apple juice. We are happy to collect within a 15 mile radius too


The benefits of apple juice really do keep the doctor away. just one glass of 150ml apple juice counts as one of your five a day and recent evidence links consumption to lowering cholesterol, prevention of heart disease, Alzheimers and cancer.

The juice is made out of just apples-nothing is added. What goes in comes out, ready for you to savour for months later. Every apple tree variety if different, so the taste of your juice will really reflect

the fruit you pick