In memory of Chester

1516209186400.jpgOn the 8th of November 2017 we lost our boy. Words cannot even begin to describe how much we will miss you. We were truly blessed to have you in our lives; you were the best dog anyone could have wished for. Cheeky, energetic, so affectionate and handsome. People would stop to admire you, calling you an asset to our family. You absolutely were. You came into my life at a time when things were very dark and you opened my eyes again. On every walk we took you allowed me to see true beauty in our surroundings again and to enjoy the girls and watch their love for you grow.
   In the short time we spent together you were by my side every hour of the day, cuddling me in bed when I felt bad, going on boat rides, joining me for pub lunches and discovering endless walks around canals, woodland, beaches, hills and corn fields. You were in and out of the vets but we gave you the very best of everything; you deserved it. All you wanted to do was please people and all I wanted to do was hug you tight forever until the dark thoughts disappeared. Now you have been cruelly taken from me and I can’t see what good can come from such heartbreak 💔 You were my dog, I will never ever forget you x We love you Chester. Say hi to Rio for me in doggie heaven and enjoy running around those fields

 — feeling heartbroken.

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