Heads Together Bake Sale

‘Where there is cake there is hope.’ The depressed cake shop based in Las Vegas introduced the ‘grey cake’ movement. Grey cakes symbolise the world of someone who is affected my mental health problems, where the dog of anxiety and depression can feel overwhelming, colouring their experience of life.

As part of World Mental Health day I held a bake sale in our local village hall after school to raise money for the Royals charity, Heads Together. This wonderful charity raises awareness of mental health issues and support children and young people, teaching them that it’s ‘okay not to be okay’. As you can see from the photos all the bakes were grey to symbolise the struggle people have with depression. I am so proud to say that i raised a whopping £107 in an hour! Last year we raised £380 for the charity Mind and i hope to raise money for mental health charities every year. Mindful Bakes is very dedicated to supporting children to maintain a healthy attitude towards metal health and be mindful of how they feel on an everyday basis. I personally found baking to be my saviour after a bout of depression and anxiety and it continues to be a great therapeutic tool for me.

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