GCSE and DoE

Here is a little more information about GCSE and Duke of Edinburgh Award:

GCSE food preparation and nutrition:

Subjects covered:

  • food nutrition and health-proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, fats
  • science-cooking methods and properties
  • choice-morals, religious, cultural, marketing, sensory
  • Provenance-grown,reared, caught, waste, miles, production and processing
  • Practical skills-knife, preparing fruit and vegetables, using the oven and equipment, preparing, combining and shaping, sauces, tenderising and marinating, raising agents, setting mixtures and dough.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award:

The cost is roughly £170 for 12 months then the candidate needs to choose a new skill to learn for 3 months. One needs to be practical and one voluntary and one of your own choice. My students have decided to choose cooking as their subject of choice! The candidates then go on two expeditions; one practice and one real one over a few days.


For more information please visit: https://www.intaward.org/about-the-award

Please note candidates need to be aged 14 years and older