A holiday with a difference

I don;t want this blog to simply be about my baking business. I also want to blog about my house improvements and my walks with my dog and my fitness journey. Travel and adventure is also high on the agenda as every family years for a family holiday. I have been musing over an idea for some time and am hoping I can put my plan into action this year! In January I like to fill up the diary with lots of things to look forward to; meeting old friends and staying over.

We like to use my husbands bonus on march to book a holiday. In the past we have been to the south of France, to the alps in the summer an winter skiing and every year without fail we go on holiday with my family (Mum, dad and elderly Grandma) to Dorset or Cornwall. Grandmas mobility not to mention tolerance levels are somewhat limited these days so we need to think outside the box which got m thinking of long weekends instead of a whole week having to put up with small talk and each others bad habits.

How about instead of spending all our money on one single week in the summer we spread it out and go away for say, 6 weekends to different parts of the UK that we have never explored?

What are the advantages?

  • no plane travel, taxes and early starts
  • avoiding the pricey school holidays as we could start in april and continue to august
  • better budgeting as we could stay with friends and relatives or in hostels
  • we could challenge ourselves to stick to a budget and if we have cash leftover then treat ourselves to a luxury hotel perhaps?
  • we could invite friends and family to join us
  • we could blog about our travels and maybe get some freebies in return for advertising
  • it could be a baking / travelling blog looking at the different local cuisine each county has to offer. Addtionally, it would be interesting to blog about travelling in the UK with small children.
  • We could explore different types of accommodation e.g. glamping, shepherds huts and camping and really think outside of the box

Where could we go?

  • Edinburgh
  • Brighton
  • Lake District
  • Cotswolds
  • Oxford
  • Nottingham
  • Yorkshire
  • Cornwall
  • Norfolk
  • Windsor
  • Cardiff

Watch this space for updates!