Terms and Conditions


Mindful Bakes Terms and Conditions of Business are a legally binding Contract between Mindful Bakes and the Client.

The ‘Client’ refers to the parents / guardians of the young person / child

‘Employees’ refers to the owner and director of Mindful Bakes (Mrs Laura Jackson) and anybody who is employed by Mindful Bakes

Charges and services

We offer party entertainment and catering, event catering, cake commissions and a cookery school (to include after-school club, 1:1 session’s and a holiday club.)

A copy of our current charges is below;

1 hour 1:1 session: £15,

Group sessions £22 per hour

75-minute baking sessions £9 per child

Afternoon tea or lunch charged at an additional £2.50 per child

After-school club £9 per session or paid termly with a £3.50 discount

Please see our occasions brochure for a list of costs for party entertainment

Holiday club: 75-minute sessions £9, 2-hour sessions to include a hot lunch / afternoon tea £15

We also charge mileage costs if you wish for us to travel to your home and provide our services charged at £0.45 per mile, and for reimbursement of agreed expenses, such as parking costs.


Parental supervision


We are more than happy for parents to attend sessions, but you will be charged an additional £4.50. Parents have tea and coffee accessible to them as well as soft drinks. If parents / guardians chose to stay with their child throughout the duration of the session they are responsible for toileting, cleaning up their chid and assisting their child with the baking.




Payments for all services: invoices will be provided by email for all services, these can be provided on a weekly or a monthly basis. If weekly, payment is due by the last calendar day of each week. If monthly, payment is required by the last working day of the month. All ad hoc services will be invoiced on a weekly basis but for regular bookings you can choose weekly or monthly invoicing. All payments, whether weekly or monthly, must be in by the last working day of the month at the very latest. If a payment is not made by the last working day of the month a late payment fee will be charged of 8% of the total bill which will be added each day the invoice is overdue until payment is received in full. Until the outstanding amount is settled future services will unfortunately be cancelled. Mindful Bakes will provide email receipts for all payments given. Payment is via BACS. We will apply an additional fee for cash payments and cheques. Payments are due prior to each session or your forfeit your child’s place on the course. Sessions are pay as you go or block payments where we will offer a discount.


We are unable to accept payment via other sources of funding


Mobile phones and electronic devises

Please refrain from allowing your child to bring electronic devises, mobile phones and valuable items which could get lost and damaged and distract from the task. Mobile phones are only used to take photos of bakes and children (where permission has been granted to share images via social media). Children are not permitted to take photos of other children. Mindful Bakes can accept calls during sessions if an emergency.

Parental communication

Mindful Bakes reserves the right to change the content of each session but will endeavour to communicate this via social media or email.

Late collection of a child

Mindful Bakes reserves the right to charge a late collection fee if parents / guardians repeatedly collect their child late. This is currently set at £5 or every 15 minutes. Parents / guardians will be contacted in the first instance then the emergency contact number that has been provided will be notified.

Child protection and safeguarding

We are fully DBS checked and insured. Mindful Bakes do not allow anyone without a DBS to work with the children attending after school or holiday clubs. Whilst escorting your child from school to Mindful Bakes headquarters, we ask children to wear high visibility tabards and to hold hands with a partner. Children are asked to walk sensibly. If any accidents occur whilst walking, they will be noted on an accident form and appropriate first aid administered. We have spare clothing for children should they require it. Front and back doors remain locked during teaching sessions. Children have access to the kitchen area only during teaching sessions where they are visible to staff and the door remains closed. Parents / guardians are required to ring a bell to collect their children.

Staffing ratios

Mindful Bakes operates on a ratio of 10:1 maximum of ages five years and above. Children are never left alone and unsupervised at any point.


Please ensure your child arrives to the session with their hair tied back if it’s long. You may bring a spare set of clothes if you do not wish to get their uniform dirty. Children are asked to remove their outdoor shoes upon entering Mindful Bakes headquarters. Parents / guardians may provide appropriate shows such as crocks to wear, and children can bring their own aprons. Please provide your on tupperware box.

Late Payment/Withdrawal of Services


If for any reason payment is not received within 7 days of the date of an invoice, we may charge interest at a rate of 2% above the prevailing base lending rate of HSBC Bank plc per annum, accruing from day to day on the amount outstanding before as well as after judgment, calculated from the date of the invoice until payment is received in full.


We reserve the right to withdraw our services in the event of:

  • a physical or verbal abuse from you/friends, family or children in your care;
  • failure to pay our invoices;
  • any act or omission on your part that prevents Mindful Bakes from properly delivering our service;
  • If in our sole opinion the relationship between yourself and Mindful Bakes has broken down.


Cancellation of service


We reserve the right to make a charge if you cancel a booking without giving us at least 12 hours’ notice. If a Client cancels a service, they are required to give at least 24 hours-notice or payment will still be deducted. Refunds are given at Mindful Bakes discretion. Once terms and conditions have been signed and a service agreed larger group bookings are required to give at least seven days-notice of cancellation or payment will still be required. Equally, any changes need to be made at least 24 hours in advance otherwise we cannot guarantee to be able to meet your requirements. Mindful Bakes can make changes to the programme at any given time without notice but will inform parents / guardians wherever possible on social media or via their contact details provided. Sessions CANNOT be carried over in the event of cancellation my a parent


Mindful Bakes Liability


Mindful Bakes hold comprehensive insurance and liability


The Client’s Responsibilities


The Client agrees to notify Mindful Bakes of any risks to the health and safety of the Employee of which you become aware and agree that we may notify the Employee accordingly.

The Client will also undertake to provide Mindful Bakes with a complete medical/social history and to provide the Client with the service they require.

In particular, the Client will notify us in relation to any change in the young person’s condition and you will update Mindful Bakes in relation to any treatment or consultation which the Client has received from any doctor or other third party before the employee commences employment.


Data Protection


Any personal data you provide is used by us to identify the appropriate service.


We may also use this data to conduct clinical audits and to maintain effective communication with you.


Any sensitive personal data such racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs and health is for monitoring, employee selection and service provision purposes only.


By signing this Agreement, you are expressly permitting us to use this information in this way.


Mindful Bakes is associated with the data protection registration.


Only information that we need is collected and processed.


Client’s personal information is only seen by those who require it to do their jobs.


Personal information is retained only for as long as it is required.


Decisions affecting Clients are made based on reliable and up to date information.


Client’s information is protected from unauthorised or accidental disclosure.


We provide you clients a copy of your personal information on request.


Inaccurate or misleading data will be corrected as soon as possible.



Procedures are in place for dealing promptly with any disputes.


We will request permission from the Client before using testimonials on the Mindful Bakes website.


Information about young persons’ is stored securely and encrypted and deleted after 18 months if the Client is no longer requiring the service.


Policies and procedures are available for all Clients to read when they register their young person.


All Clients must fill out consent forms. This contains emergency contact numbers, allergies and young person’s requirements.

We have a record of Employee’s photos and qualifications.

The law does not allow any individual to keep concerns about abuse to themselves.

All information that has been taken on any young person will be kept in a locked file with the manager that has limited access for workers.  The manager is the sole key holder.  All other Employees will be given access to files they have complied as required, by the managers.  In circumstances where the manger is suspected of abuse reports must be relied directly to the owners.

Due to confidential nature of young person abuse investigations, where information has been reported to an agency, there may not be feedback from them.

These principles apply whether we hold your information on paper or in electronic form.

Behaviour policy

At no time whilst disciplining your young person would Employees use physical punishment, e.g. smacking, shaking or slapping as well as using negative language.


If a young person presents with unacceptable behaviour, Employees will try alternative approaches such as diversion.


Physical intervention is used when a young person is endangering others. This will be recorded and relayed to the client. SCIP (strategies for crisis intervention and prevention) training is only given if the risk assessment deems it necessary for the Employee to be trained in such techniques.


Emergency first aid

In the event of a young person needing emergency first aid Employees will follow these guidelines:

Assess the situation

Put young person into recovery position if necessary and administer general first aid

Reassure and comfort young person

Employee to telephone the emergency services.

Dial 999

In the absence of Clients all medical decisions are the responsibility of the paramedics.

Manager will contact the Clients and arrange to meet them at the hospital.

Manager or appointed first aider will escort the young person to the hospital and stay with the young person until the Client arrives.

Record accident on the body map form. The employee and Client sign the record.

Ofsted, Riddor and the local authority must be informed of the accident.


Equal opportunities

Every effort is made to use the young person’s first language.


The Equal Opportunities Policy applies to every Employee, Client and young person. Each person is valued as an individual, with differing social, intellectual and cultural backgrounds.


Nobody at Mindful Bakes should be subjected to discrimination, racist comments or gender bias. Cultural or religious diversity is respected.


Clients are valued as the young person first educators and Employees work closely with Clients to share information, experiences, conversation and quality time, thus promoting positive role models for their young person.


We challenge and deal with inappropriate practices and attitudes promptly.


We record any seriously inappropriate practices and attitudes promptly.



When a young person becomes ill whilst in the care of Mindful Bakes every effort will be made to contact the Clients if they are not present, who will be requested to return home as soon as possible. The young person will be kept comfortable if the young person has a temperature Mindful Bakes will take the young person’s clothes off and sponge with tepid water.


In most cases when a young person’s parents are called for, we feel it would be beneficial for them to see a doctor. Clients must notify Mindful Bakes if they are aware that their young person has a contagious illness or if a doctor has confirmed the cause of illness. We will expect Clients to cooperate with us by not attending a session if their young person has any infectious or contagious illness. Mindful Bakes will not conduct any sessions under the same circumstances.


Young people suffering from sickness/diarrhoea must not return to work until 48 hours have elapsed from the last bout and are eating normally.  Please see exclusion times and notifiable diseases policy.

Children’s Act regulations state we must notify OFSTED of any infectious disease that a qualified medical person considers notifiable


Minimum time at home periods of illness: please see attached table




Mindful Bakes will complete accident forms that inform Clients of any incidents that have occurred whilst they were in sole charge of their young person.


Employees are not to tackle a fire. (See fire safety risk assessment).


No smoking is permitted at Mindful Bakes headquarters.


Collection and drop off

Young people must be collected promptly at the end of each session. Mindful Bakes reserve the right to charge a late collection fee.

If someone different is collecting the young person, clients are required to inform Mindful Bakes. If someone does not have express permission to collect your child Clients are also required to inform Mindful Bakes.


Risk assessments


A risk assessment is carried out to identify any potential hazards at Mindful Bakes headquarters and relating to the young person.


A separate risk assessment will be completed if Mindful Bakes attends individual clients’ homes.


Mindful Bakes completes a thorough risk assessment prior to each teaching session. This involves checking toilets are clean, fire exits clear, all equipment in good working order, outdoor space safe, first aid kits complete and available etc


Young people will never be left unsupervised with sharp knives, electric equipment or hot ovens. I understand that a thorough health and safety risk assessment of the premises has been conducted and approved. Parents have access to this any time they wish.


A fire safety policy is in place should a fire occur.


The teaching environment is cleaned daily to a high standard and that all electrical equipment is maintained to a high standard and checked for any faults regularly. Toys and play equipment are also regularly tested and maintained. All chemical substances are kept in a locked cupboard out of reach of children. Young people are not able to use cleaning equipment unsupervised.


Child ratios

Mindful Bakes reserves the right to teach other children at the same time, unless otherwise requested and a 1:1 session has been booked. If the child has a severe food intolerance every effort will be made to ensure that the child is taught with children with similar allergies or that all children use suitable ingredients according to the child’s allergy.  At no time will more than nine children be taught together.


Please be aware of parking restrictions at the venue. Mindful Bakes cannot accept responsibility for late arrivals, lost possessions.


Please inform us of cancellation at least 24 hours in advance of your booking or we cannot guarantee a full refund.  Similarly, Mindful Bakes reserves the right to cancel sessions but will aim to give as much prior notice as possible. Parents and guardians will be contacted via the contact details that they have provided. If they are not contactable a message will be left with the school and parents / guardians will be asked to make alternative arrangements to collect their child. Mindful bakes are NOT responsible for the care of your children should they need to cancel a session.

Outdoor learning

Mindful Bakes may use the enclosed garden in the warmer months to pick herbs and use additional the space, but at no point will children be allowed out of the premises. Doors will be locked.

Disclosure and barring service checks


All employees at Mindful Bakes must agree to a DBS check (either completed by Mindful Bakes or the Client themselves.  Whilst Employees are awaiting clearance they cannot be left alone with young person and they must always be supervised

Mindful Bakes also takes in to account any requirements made under The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006.

Forms of funding

We are unable to accept childcare vouchers

Missing young person

An immediate search will take place.


If the young person still hasn’t been found the manager will contact the police and the Client.


During this time the Employee will continually search for the young person the Manager will meet the police and Client.


The Manager will then wait for instructions from the police.


Any incident will be recorded.


We strive to offer a great service, but if you are unhappy about any aspect and wish to make a complaint about Mindful Bakes or any of its Employees or Management, please write to Laura Jackson, (Manager), Mindful Bakes (Complaints), 1 The Old School, Church Street, Collingbourne Ducis, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 3FJ. We take all complaints seriously and will reply to your complaint within ten working days.

This Agreement is acknowledged and accepted by you or on behalf of the Client by the Client’s duly authorised representative:


Please return a signed copy to Mindful Bakes or scan and sign


Signed for and on behalf of the Client:

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